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Tumbling Class Breakdown

LEVEL 1 – Pre-Basic tumbling – walkovers, cartwheels, round offs – Learning back-handspring (BHS)

LEVEL 2 – Basic Foundation – back-handspring, round off BHS, multiple BHS, -- Learning tucks

LEVEL 3 -- Tucks– Standing Multiple BHS, BHS tucks, specialties – Learning layouts

LEVEL 3/4 – Layouts – Perfecting set, BHS layouts, standing tucks, specialties – Learning fulls 

LEVEL 5 – Twisting – Fulls, double fulls, Arabians, jump to tuck, standing full (MUST have Office Approval)

BOYS TUMBLING – A cool new class to learn handstands, flips, and more… just for BOYS! (AGES 8-18)

Specialty Class Breakdown(Arden, NC)
Not all of these classes are offered all the time. Please check with the front desk/call to see if a Specialty Class is being offered this session! 

FLIGHT SCHOOL – A class for flyers to work progression in body positions and understand proper technique for body awareness. (Ages 7-18)

JUMPS CLASS – Push your jumps to the next level while perfecting your technique with Coach Luis.  (AGES 8-18)

STUNTING WITH THE COACHES – perfect your stunting skills with our experienced coaches in this condensed class for all stunting positions! The class is a half hour of strictly airtime so athletes are encouraged to come 10-15 minutes early to warm-up and stretch on their own.

FUNdamnetals – (Previously known as CHEER 101) a ten-week class where athletes will have a condensed cheer season. Athletes will learn the basics and fundamentals of all-star cheer. In addition, athletes will learn a basic cheer routine and will have a performance opportunity. Athletes that finish the course will receive a Fearless t-shirt and bow. (Ages 6-13) 


When athletes’ complete skill(s) and can execute skill(s) with quality and precision they will be advanced to the next level, per instructor only.

Private lessons are available for flying and tumbling on ANY day (Including SAT&SUN.) Ask the front desk for more information.

See current class schedule for specialty class cost breakdown!



$30 -- Annual Class Registration

$17 -- Walk-in Class (Not Registered)

$15 -- Single Class (Registered Athlete)

$12 -- Single Class (Current Team Athlete)

Class Packages:

$65 -- 4 Sessions for Registered Athletes

$100 -- 8 Sessions for Registered Athletes

$220 -- 16 Sessions for Registered Athletes

(“Team” athletes are those enrolled in our all-star programs)


TINY: 3-5

MINI: 6-7

YOUTH: 8-12

TEEN: 13-18

Athlete may be moved to the next age level based on office approval


Currently paused due to Covid

Fearless Fridays

    Every Friday     6:00-9:00

(In the winter and spring months, Fearless Athletics will be closed on several Fridays as our coaches and staff travel to out of town competitions! We will always post on our social media and send out text alerts to those subscribed to our Text Message Alerts!



  Frequently Asked Questions:  

What kind of programs do you offer?
We offer a variety of programs for all types of commitment levels:
Full Year All Star - These teams are designed for devoted cheerleaders. These teams perform elite tumbling, acrobatics, jumps, and performance. Very demanding sport as all teams are pushed to attend Nationals.
Half Year Prep All Star - This level of All Star Cheer is designed as a beginner level. Practices and competitions are less intense and demanding. Practice and tuition are less. 
Tumbling & Cheer Classes - these classes are designed on to be personalized. Come and pay as you like. Classes are purchased in packages and never expire. Use them as frequently as you'd like. 
Special Needs Cheer - This is a growing program of athletes with all types of disabilities. All ages and only one practice a week.  
Adult Tumbling - Training for the retired gymnast or beginner cheer parent. It's never too late to get that skill you always wanted!
All Star Dance - Most of our instructors have dance background. This season we are excited to introduce dance teams to Fearless Athletics
Do I have to have experience to join?

Absolutely not! We welcome all ages and experience levels. We look forward to helping all athletes master their skills and develop new ones.

What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX as forms of payments for tuition.  We always provide many fundraising opportunities to earn money that is directly credited to your childs account.

Are your coaches qualified?

Yes, all of our coaches have many years of experience in the cheer, dance, tumble and acrobatic industry. 


Can we still join your classes after the season has started?


We always welcome new athletes to Fearless Athletics. There is always a cut off date for full year, and half year teams. However our tumbling classes are open for registration all year round. 


Can parents watch?


We do not allow parents on the gym floor during practices and classes, however we have a lobby area with couches, TV, and a viewing window.

What kind of commitment is required for your program?

Full Year ELITE All Star - The teams trains from June to April. We of course have breaks for spring, holidays, and summer but these athletes are in the gym every month of the year. Schedules are lighter and more flexible in the summer months but commitment is REQUIRED during choreography and competition months. These athletes are in the gym roughly 5-8 hours a week. Full year All Star athletes are allowed to be on multiple teams, hours nearly double with each added team.These teams are held to a high standard and pushed to earn bids to end of season national event such as US Finals and/or Summit!

Full Year PREP All Star - Prep teams are designed to be introductory teams for athletes to build their confidence and skill. Prep teams require less travel and less commitment. These athletes are in the gym roughly 3 -4 hours a week and compete locally. 

Half Year NOVICE All Star - These teams are designed for beginner athletes to gain an idea of what means to be on a team with out a huge commitment. These teams will perform locally at only 2-3 events. The cost is greatly reduced from our full year programs. 

Full year NOVICE All Star (Ages 3-6 only) - These are beginner teams as well designed for very young athletes. Athletes learn the fundamentals of what it means to be an All Star cheerleader. 

Recreational Tumbling - the commitment level for our tumbling class is totally personal. Classes never expire and you only pay for the classes you attend. So that way you pay for how committed you want to be. 

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