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Parent Testimonials

                        (Arden Location)

Jen & Joe LaBruno

"My daughter as been in the Fearless 'mini' class for 3 months. It rocks! Not only has she built confidence in tumbling, her skills have improved beyond belief. She was a former non-competitive, just for leisure gymnastic member. Let me tell you- DO NOT WATSE another dollar on the place down the road! Enroll your daughter in Fearless tumbling! You will be beyond thrilled with the results!!"

Erin Cercena

"Fearless has provided my daughter with an incredible amount of self esteem. She has the most amazing coaches! She has formed incredibly close and supportive friendships with the kids at Fearless. She loves going to practice and is learning the value of hard work. They coaches have taught her how to win with grace and lose with dignity. She is learning amazing life lessons while having a blast!"

Emily Adcock Stone

"We could not be happier with the coaching our two daughters have received at Fearless. Their skills are growing every day and the coaches really seem to be invested in their success."

Tamee Thomas

"This has been our first season with Fearless and we are thrilled with the entire organization! The coaches are amazing and the unity these teams have is awesome!"

Kendrick Whiteside

"Such a great location with great coaches who truly care about your kids. My children have become better athletes and people thanks to fearless athletics and their staff."

Jennifer White

"My daughter Brianna was welcomed at this gym during competition season with open arms. I was impressed with the staff from my very first encounter and they continue to impress me more and more. The coaches push the athletes to perform at their highest potential at all times. I am so glad that my daughter has been given the opportunity to be Fearless. I can't wait to watch her grow as an athlete!! Best decision ever."

Kimberly Wright Cheadle

"Amazing coaches and teams. I wouldn't let my daughter cheer for any other team."

Michelle Washam Hernandez 

"We love Fearless coaches and staff!! They are like family to us and my girls have learned so much from them. Fearless Athletics has given them confidence and strength and I can't imagine going anywhere else!!"

Kathy Green

"I took my granddaughter to a tumbling class one afternoon,we had spent time and months of classes at several other "top gyms " in area, she learned more in one afternoon than the past year put together. She was hooked, now 2+years later we're still here she tumbles and cheers on a senior team and loves every minute. Love our fearless family"

LeAnn Canter Johnson 

"Superb team of coaches. A great learning experience."

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