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Attendance Policy

Practice and Competition

Purpose: As a Cheerleading Program and coaching staff, we feel strongly about the core
values we install in our athletes. Being present and prepared is a longtime value and that aligns
with our Fearless Athletics’ Core Value “Accountability.” Through this core value, we hope to
build values that will educate and prepare our athletes to be successful within program and

Excused Absence: A prior approved excused is one which is given or received by a member
of the coaching staff before the absence and not after. In the following instances:

 Illness which prevents participation

 Emergency medical appointment
 Bereavement in the family
 Covid- 19 like symptoms (e.g. flu, fever, diarrhea)
 Vacation that has been approved and written on the gym conflict calendar 2 weeks prior
to the schedule event.
If an athlete must attend a schedule appointment during schedule practice times (doctor,
dentist, etc.). A note is to be given to a coach in order for the missed practice to be
excused. Emergency situations communicated from parents or guardians to the coaching
staff will be excused.
* Required school event, activities should be communicated with coaches prior the event.

Unexcused Absence: an absence with no prior approved excuse. No note from appointments
or communication from a parent or guardian in an emergency situation. In the following
 Missing a required event (e.g. practices, choreography, etc.) without a prior approved
excuse will count as an unexcused absence.
 Leaving practice without a prior approved excuse will be treated as an unexcused
 An athlete caught fabricating (lying) will be treated as an unexcused absence.
 An athlete has neglected his/her studies will be treated as an unexcused absence.

If an athlete must tend to academic issues that are not caused because an athlete neglected their
studies, it will be excused (although every effort must be made to complete tests and other
assignments prior their schedule team practice or after.)

Consequences for Unexcused absences:
1. One (1) unexcused absences will be up to the coach(s) ‘s discretion
(E.g. extra conditioning)
2. Two (2) unexcused absences will result in a parent meeting with coaches and all-star
3. Three (3) unexcused absences will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and could result
in a gym fine.
4. Four (4) unexcused absences could result in the removal from the team. This will be
handled on a case by case basis determined by all-star director and owner.

*Unexcused absences that occur during a Competition Week could result in
the athlete being ineligible for that competition.

As a coaching staff, it is impossible to identify all situations that may come up. In the
event we encounter situations not covered, the coaching staff/ all-star director will meet to
determine appropriate actions.

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