Myrtle Beach, SC.

       Fearless Athletics Myrtle Beach was founded in 2018 after continued success of the Arden location! Nick and the Tolers (a former FA Arden family member) came together to bring Fearless to the beach. Their goals were simple; bring the standard of excellence Fearless has established to a community that needed a new cheer experience, and teach kids more than cheerleading skills. Through cheer Anne Marie and Nick hope to teach the athletes life lessons such as how to win humbly and how to lose graciously. They want to teach athletes to love others and themselves, and to be kind above all else! Through this mindset, athletes can accomplish anything they set their minds to! 

       Thanks to an amazing first season of growth and learning Fearless Athletics Myrtle Beach was able to move into their very own facility. This location continues to grow and provide a second home, and an extended cheer family to those in the Myrtle Beach area! 

44 Business Park Circle

Unit 100

Arden, NC 28704

335 Bush Drive

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

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